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Zombie Labs Cross Eyed Pre-workout

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To assist give you that beyond-the-living-dead degree of energy and passion to keep you seeking for those outcomes, Zombie Labs Cross-eyed combines an extraordinary combination of caffeine with English walnut. You will be tearing over hurdles without ever stopping if you take Zombie Labs Cross-eyed with the proper nutrition to put you in FULL ZOMBIE MODE. You’ll feel like a freight train. For a zombie, skin tingling and stretching are commonplace sensations, and Cross-eyed does not disappoint in this regard, with increased blood flow facilitating advanced zombie gains.

The intense pre-workout you’ve been looking for is Zombie Labs Cross-eyed. This intense pre-workout is so full of focus and energy that it can melt the brain of the average person. You will be craving more.

Directions for Use :-

20 to 30 minutes prior to your workout, mix one scoop of Zombie Labs Cross Eyed Pre-workout with water and eat. To gauge your tolerance, start with a half serving and work your way up to the full dose for a surreal experience.

With Zombie Labs Cross Eyed Pre-workout, you can unleash the apocalypse throughout your workouts and achieve unparalleled performance alongside the undead. Take on the gym, push past your comfort zone, and embrace the superhuman strength that’s waiting for you!

Features :-

  • Extreme stimulant pre workout
  • Hyper focus nootropic blend
  • 400 mg caffeine
  • 6000 mg tyrosine
  • 4200 beta alanine
Servings :-

Container Size: 400g
Serving Size:  1 Scoop
Servings Per Container: 40


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