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*(ISO-GENERATE DATED 31/03/2021)*

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FM Nutrition – ISO-Generate ® – IsoGenerate – 100% Whey Isolate, Unflavored, Ultra Pure Whey Protein, 28g Protein, 7.6g BCAA, Sugar Free – 2lb Tub. 90% Pure Protein!

Our Competition Series, Iso-Generate™ is an Ultra-Pure Whey Protein Isolate that contains ZERO sugar, less than 1 carbohydrate, and has absolutely no artificial sweeteners or colors.

Iso-Generate™ is the perfect choice for athletes with sensitive stomachs or for those that demand “Ultra-Pure” ingredients when supplementing protein into their diets.  Iso-Generate™ mixes instantly with water and makes an excellent addition to any of your favorite recipes.

Ultra Pure Whey Protein Isolate

There are numerous types of whey protein, with concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate being the three most common. Each carries varying rates of absorption, meaning, the body can only process a certain amount of the protein from each form. Whey concentrate carries the lowest absorption at approximately 70-80% with some inferior brands being even less. Isolate and hydrolysate carry absorption rates of 90-96% with hydrolysate being far more expensive and possessing no proven benefits over isolate in terms of absorption or digestion. This leaves isolate and concentrate to be the only two logical choices in whey protein, but concentrate will carry higher levels of fat and almost always much higher levels of lactose making it harder to digest, especially for those with any lactose intolerance.

Gaspari CLA Fusion is a premium CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) supplement that supports weight management, metabolism, and muscle maintenance.

  • 800mg CLA per serve
  • Support lean muscle mass
  • Support fat loss
  • Support healthy immune function

Gaspari CLA Fusion is a basic CLA supplement designed to increase lean muscle, support a healthy immune system, and enhance overall weight loss. The product comes in bottles of 90 softgels, with each softgel squeezing in a gram of safflower oil, providing 800mg of CLA.

Take 1 softgel with morning,afternoon, and evening meals. Intended for use in healthy adults and as part of a healthy, balanced diet and exercise program.

Container: 90 Softgels
One Serving: 1 Softgel
Servings Per Container: 90


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