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BSC RTD Complete Protein Shake 6xBottles



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Making sure you give your body the protein it needs every day has never been easier, or tastier! This delicious high protein, low fat supplement is ready to drink straight out of the bottle. A simple, nutritious, high quality protein snack you can grab and take on the run.

A regular intake of protein is essential to good health. Protein provides energy, supports muscle growth, helps you feel fuller for longer and can even help you burn fat. And our bodies can’t store protein so we need to consume it on a regular basis.

BSc’s RTD High Protein Drink make it so easy for you to give your body the nutrition it needs every day. They’re a great source of high quality protein, providing 30g per serve. Plus, it contains no artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours, is sweetened using the natural plant based sweetener stevia and is gluten free, soy free and GMO free. Tasty and satisfying, it won’t disappoint.


When is Best?

Post Workout: It’s no secret that our body needs to repair and recover post workout. You don’t build muscle during a workout; you do it after, when your body is recovering. Protein is a vital component in this process and the Milk Protein Shake gives you 30g of protein, helping you to repair, recover and improve your physique.

The 3 O’clock blues: Whether you’re a university student, work full time or a stay at home mum, most of us know about the dreaded 3 O’clock blues. Reaching for a packet of biscuits or having a third coffee is most people’s answer to this problem, however, making a healthy choice can make a world of difference to how you approach the rest of your afternoon. Let the Milk Protein Shake fuel your afternoon fire and get the most out of every day.

Morning Protein Boost: We know that boosting your protein intake of a morning, can help increase your energy and improve satiety. If your not getting the desired protein each morning, the Milk Protein Shake can help get you there. A quick and easy hit of over 30g of protein will ensure you are ready to tackle anything the day throws at you.


Double Rich Chocolate, Double Shot Espresso, Banana Smoothie

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